Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Jewel

Jennifer Lopez's moves, Britney Spears' writing and Jewel's family jewels in The Foxlight.

That J-Lo imitation of Jennifer Beals' sexy "What a Feeling" dance moves in her "I'm Glad" video was a little too accurate for Paramount, the producer of Flashdance.

"The scenes were, frame by frame, the same," a source told The New York Post. "Paramount sent a legal letter to Sony claiming copyright infringement. There was nothing Sony could do -- it is the same -- so they are settling."

But Lopez did such a good job of copying Beals that Paramount is now in talks with the superstar to remake the movie. What about Ben Affleck in the Michael Nouri role? What a feeling, indeed.

Britney Spears says writing pop songs is hard. She says you should try to pump out the bubblegum stuff she warbles. The pop tart tells Entertainment Weekly, "anyone can sit down and write some boring artistic song." Spears is working on her fourth album. She raps on one of the songs. Ooooh, I can't wait.

Finally, Jewel showed her, well, Jewels to the folks at MTV, but didn't realize it according to The New York Post. She reunited with her cowboyfriend, and during a recent appearance on Total Request Live apparently his request was for her to flash him in a photo booth. They were unaware MTV has a camera inside the booth.

"Everyone saw it in the control room," giggled an on-looker.

Now it's our turn to giggle.