The Emperor's Club, Extreme Ops and Catch Me If You Can

The Emperor's Club, Extreme Ops and Catch Me If You Can in the video and DVD glow of the Foxlight.

In The Emperor's Club Kevin Kline just wants to be loved. Is that so wrong? He's a prep school teacher who tries to win over his students. Hey, he's just as juvenile as they are. Can't we all get along? If this looks like an awful like 'Dead Poet's Society Lite', well, you're not far off. Critics were divided, but now that the movie's out on the small screen, it's worth a rental. It sort of makes up for Life as a House -- and that's saying a lot.

Next, a bunch of people you've never heard of and Pete Sampras' babilicious wife, Bridgette Wilson, do some extreme skiing and try to get away from an evil guy in a low rent thriller called Extreme Ops. It was an extreme flop at the box office, and there was a creepy real life thing that happened just before shooting -- a guy scouting locations was buried in an avalanche. Scarier than that, there's an avalanche in the movie. Come to think of it, that's not just creepy, it's in bad taste.

Finally, the best new choice of the week is Leonardo DiCaprio's little con job Catch Me If You Can. Even though it starts out great and gets a little bogged down when Martin Sheen comes a long, the mostly true story of Frank Abagnale is a joyous ride. The scene were agent Tom Hanks has Leo in the same room and doesn't know it's him is a modern classic. Lots of fun extras on the DVD make this a good one to buy because, you know, Stephen Spielberg needs the money.