Putin on the Fritz: Time to Talk or Walk?

President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that sanctions against Iraq should not be lifted until the threat of weapons of mass destruction is clearly eliminated.

After nearly two hours of talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Putin said the U.S.-led coalition based its war in Iraq on the belief that Baghdad had such weapons and said the issue must be clarified before sanctions can end.

The United States wants to quickly lift the sanctions (search) imposed on Iraq after its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Putin noted that Saddam Hussein's fate is unknown. "Where is Saddam? Where are these arsenals, if they were really there, and what is happening with them?" Putin asked. "Maybe Saddam is sitting somewhere in a secret bunker and plans to blow all this stuff up soon at the last second, threatening hundreds of human lives."

Putin on the fritz: Time to talk or walk?

A sample of your responses:

Since the UN is a corrupt and inept organization that depends heavily on our financial support, I say we, along with Britain, Australia and Spain go ahead and trade with Iraq and let Putin and Chirac keep their UN sanctions.  Now, what are they gonna do to us, anyway?
Linda T.
Hot Springs, AR

As for Putin, he's shown his true colors and is now pootin' off at the mouth.  Be that as it may, diplomacy must be the key, so we must put our faith in our leaders to do what is right.
Lisa L.
Palm Springs, FL

We should leave the gasbag to fend for himself.  His actions stink!
Brent H.
Owensboro, KY

Putin... well, so sorry!  He has a BILLION reasons to be one very ticked off guy.  Besides all the contracts he had with Iraq, his country extended certain "LOANS" to the goverment and Saddam.  Next time maybe being less greedy is good.

I have never understood what the metamorphosis was that resulted in the former leader of the KGB becoming our very good friend complete with the Crawford ranch lovefest.  I hope our leaders haven't been fooled and have seen him for the threat he is and has been behind all those smiles and pleasantries.  I think Mr. Putin deserves careful watching.
Ted K.
Arlington, VA

The old expression that applies here is to "keep you friends close and your enemies closer."

Let's stop trying to prop up the egos of the leaders Russia, France et al and do what we know is the right thing to do! It's time for them to experience the consequences of their actions/inactions.
Roberta K.
Birmingham, AL

We need the UN to help rebuild Iraq like we needed the French to get the job done in the first place... the heck with them all. Add UN credability to the list of oxymorons. The coalition of the willing can, and should rebuild Iraq without the UN, or the French.
Keith H.
Clear Lake, IA

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