Katie Couric, Kelly Ripa and People Magazine

Katie Couric, Kelly Ripa People's 50 most beautiful people -- or not so beautiful people in The Foxlight.

Katie Couric is turning from pixie to prickly according to the New York Post. Couric is hosting the Tonight Show for a night as part of a goofy sweeps stunt, which incidentally, Matt Lauer says he doesn't understand. Foxlight agrees.

Anyway, reports have Couric demanding certain guests and pulling diva-like fits. Meanwhile, guests are lining up to be with Jay Leno when he subs for Katie on The Today Show. Everyone says Jay is being a perfect gentleman.

Kelly Ripa hates the TV show The Bachelor. And she told bachelor, Andrew Firestone that live on the air Thursday. Firestone surprised Ripa on her show, Live With Regis & Kelly. She backpedaled a little by saying that he's the cutest bachelor so far and she likes him, but hates a show where women fight over a guy.

Finally, Halle Berry is one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people? Of course. Her X-2 co-star Hugh Jackman is also on the list and so is Salma Hayek, both of which are no-brainers. But the guy from Good Morning, Miami? Mark Feuerstein? Huh? Sorry, he seems like a nice guy, but when did it become the 49 most beautiful and one shlub?