'Baghdad Bob'

He bemused the West with his litany of claimed victories over coalition troops, and amused Arabs with his bottomless dictionary of insults. Iraq's information minister hasn't been seen for days, but he's hardly disappeared.

Not only is Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is the star of a Web site whose creators poke admiring fun at his dogged defense of Saddam Hussin's regime and his skewerings of opponents from the standard "infidels" to the pop-culture-savvy "superpower of Al Capone."

The site — WeLoveTheIraqiInformationMinister.com — collects the most memorable insults al-Sahhaf used to castigate the United States and Britain.

Now a company called Herobuilders.com has come up with an action figure for folks who just can’t enough of “Baghdad Bob”…

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