Amanda Peet, Mr. Personality and George Harrison

Amanda Peet, Mr. Personality and George Harrison in The Foxlight.

Amanda Peet isn't just acting scared in some of the scenes of Identity -- she really is scared. Peet says she has so many phobias, it wasn't hard for her to freak out on cue. She says she was traumatized by scary movies as a kid, and they'd stick in her mind "for years." To this day, Peet says she wouldn't see a movie like Identity if she weren't in it herself.

I never thought I'd be quoting the braintrust known as Kelly Ripa, but she's right about one thing: The guys on Mr. Personality are "creepy." Someone said the show looks like Blind Date meets Eyes Wide Shut. But who knew men could be so pathetic without their looks? These guys actually make Monica Lewinsky look the credible.

Finally, am I the only one who finds posthumous videos skeevy? For the first time in 15 years, George Harrison has a video coming out for the song "Any Road" off his Brainwashed album. It includes previously unreleased footage of him in the studio, in concert, and even some animated footage.