Topics and Guests for April 22

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Topics and Guests for April 22:

9 a.m. ET

Members of Laci Peterson’s family held an intensely emotional press conference Monday evening, in their first public appearance since the bodies of Laci and her unborn son washed ashore and Scott Peterson was arrested on charges of premeditated murder.
Jim Bazelton, Sanislaus County district attorney           

U.S dealings with Syria…
Amb. Dennis Ross, former special Middle East coordinator              

Caught on tape: The story of one man who is facing charges after rescuing his dog… Find out what he did wrong,
Jerrod Martin, dog owner
Dan Alexander, Martin's attorney

10 a.m. ET

Laci Peterson's parents break their silence as their daughter's widower, Scott Peterson, is charged with murdering his 8-months-pregnant wife and their unborn child.
Bob Deklinski, former FBI agent

11 a.m. ET

During his arraignment, Peterson was charged with two counts of premeditated murder in the slayings of his 8-months-pregnant wife and their nearly full-term baby, whose bodies washed up along the shores of San Francisco Bay last week. "I am not guilty," Peterson, 30, said during a brief, but emotional, arraignment in Stanislaus County Superior Court.
Doug Gansler, attorney
Al Deblanc, criminal defense attorney

12 p.m. ET

The Laci Peterson investigation…
Bill Garcia, California licensed private investigator               

The hot topic of the day…
Geraldine Ferraro, FOX News political analyst
Al D'Amato, FOX News political analyst

1 p.m. ET

What is the motive in the Laci Peterson murder trial?
Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, assistant DA in San Francisco
Marjorie Cohn, criminal defense attorney and law professor at Thomas Jefferson Law School

2 p.m. ET  

The latest on the Laci Peterson case…
John Kelly prosecutor and former attorney for estate of Nicole Simpson
Jonna Spilbor, criminal defense attorney                                         

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change