Geraldo Rivera's live reports are just a click away! From Afghanistan to Kuwait we are tracking him and will bring you his latest reports on the war.

Here's an archive of his live reports:

• 4/14: Geraldo investigates the mystery of why the lights went out in Baghdad

• 4/8: A heavily armored and technically advanced task force called the 'Iron Horse' is making its way to Iraq

• 3/28: On the air and on the ground—good weather is paving the way for coalition forces to move closer to Baghdad, Geraldo reports

• 3/21: Geraldo reports on 1,000 U.S. troops launching a raid on villages in Afghanistan, hunting for members of the Al Qaeda terrorist network

• 3/20: Geraldo reports on U.S. troops searching the mountains and villages of eastern Afghanistan hunting down Al Qaeda remnants

• 3/19: Geraldo reports on the 82nd Elite Airbourne interrogating possible Al Qaeda members