Topics and Guests for Wednesday, April 2

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April 2:

With all of the coalition's progress in Iraq, CENTCOM is adjusting its battle plan
Thomas Barnett, professor of warfare analysis at the Naval War College

Some U.S. Marines have closed to within 30 miles of Baghdad. What can we expect from Iraq as the circle tightens?
• Retired Air Force Col. Mike Turner

The majority of citizens in Iraq are Shiite Muslims. Coalition forces were counting on their cooperation to help overthrow Saddam Hussein, but so far, they haven't been welcoming their liberators with open arms. 
• Dr. Mowaffak Al-Rubaie, "Declaration of the Shia of Iraq"

Pentagon planners have tried to learn lessons from the successes and failures Israeli troops have had in the West Bank. They figure those lessons could come in handy in Baghdad
• Retired Marine Col. Randy Gangle, executive director of the Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities

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