Topics and Guests, March 28

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Allied forces carry out a massive bombing campaign on Baghdad, smashing telecommunications structures in the Iraqi capital in an attempt to cut off Saddam Hussein from his military and civilians.


• One group of Marines trade fire with Iraqi forces amid the burning buildings of An Nasiriyah, while others push north of the strategic city in a grinding bumper-to-bumper movement of weapons and supplies.

• Flanked by patrol boats and assault helicopters, the British supply ship Sir Galahad docks at the hard-won port of Umm Qasr, loaded with the first military shipment of relief aid for Iraqi citizens.

• After falling out of the sky and sleeping in the mud, American paratroopers grab a strategic air base and begin plotting how to cross 80 miles and thousands of Iraqi troops to seize invaluable oil fields in northern Iraq.

• The U.S. Central Command denies it had underestimated Iraq's fighting ability but acknowledges that battlefield commanders may be seeing a "more precise" reality of resistance than headquarters.

• U.S. government officials have all but concluded that Saddam Hussein is in control of his military and issuing orders as he moves in and around Baghdad through a series of underground catacombs that lead from one bunker to the next.

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