Guests and Topics: March 14

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It looks like all the phone calls and the diplomacy of this week just aren't working at the United Nations. It all adds up to a big loss for President Bush. And now the United States may simply refuse to call a vote on the latest draft resolution approving the use of force against Saddam.

Meanwhile Saddam still needs to be disarmed. Is it time for the U.S. and her allies go it alone? 

We'll hear from both sides when Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch weighs in to support the Bush administration and former U.S. Ambassador for War Crimes David Scheffer from the United Nations Association brings us another point of view.

Plus, as the French continue to use extreme measures to challenge the United States at the United Nations, the talk of a boycott of French goods is heating up. We'll have the latest on our call for a citizens boycott of french products in the United States. But what's the best way to boycott France and Jacques Chirac and send an effective message? We'll have some answers for you.

Then, more interesting developments in the Elizabeth Smart case as we learn more about the 15-year-old's traumatic ordeal.

First, it's a difficult question... But some are now asking if police in Salt Lake City did enough to try to find Elizabeth Smart. We'll talk about the policework with former Washington, D.C. Homicide Detective Rod Wheeler.

Also, could this Elizabeth have been kidnapped to be part of a polygamous marriage with a man who thought he was a prophet? How should the media the sexual abuse questions related to  Elizabeth's ordeal?  We'll ask child sexual abuse attorney and Court TV anchor Lisa Bloom.

Finally, would you write a letter against a war with Iraq if it got you extra-credit from your college professor? That's just what happened at one California college... And guess what happened next?! You won't believe this story!

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