Topics and Guests for Friday, March 7

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March 7:

We are encountering stiff resistance from our allies in Western Europe when it comes to Iraq. But the former communist nations of central and Eastern Europe have a different point of view
Cyril Svoboda, Czech deputy prime minister

Hans Blix says that Iraq seems to be cooperating with U.N. demands, but that it would take months to prove that Saddam Hussein is really  disarming
Tim Trevan, former weapons inspector

What should we do with the terrorists we have in custody? Try them for their crimes or squeeze every last bit of intelligence out of them?  And how good is the intelligence we get from them? 
• Retired Army Major Gen. Michael Nardotti

The U.S. Army is investigating the deaths of two Afghan prisoners at the Bagram Air Base. They died last December during interrogation, and their official cause of death has been listed as homicide.
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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