Bill McCuddy's Weekend Buzz

Cradle 2 The Grave, Daredevil and Old School in The Foxlight.

Jet Li is alive and kicking in Cradle 2 The Grave. The caper part of the movie is above average. And everyone from Vin Diesel to Arnold Schwarzenegger were courted to kick along with the Jetster. Well, they got Arnold --Tom Arnold. D'oh! Anyway, critics say if you're a Li fan, in other words, you like few words and lots of action -- this Jet may be your vehicle.

Can it knock Daredevil off the top spot? Maybe but maybe not. Despite some laugh-out-loud responses from critics and audiences, this movie looks to be a blockbuster. And as the Foxlight told you yesterday, there is a spin-off coming with Jennifer Garner. Still haven't figured out how they're gonna bring her back to life, but it is a comic book, so don't expect organ transplants and a long convalescing period -- probably just a bolt of lightening or something like that.

Finally, The Foxlight was a little late seeing Old School but I was actually amused more often than disappointed. Vince Vaughn is great. And Will Ferrell made the right career move leaving Saturday Night Live -- and they all can't say that.