Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

Are we just weeks away from a war with Iraq? How will it unfold? What would a ground war look like? We'll take an inside look at the plans with three top military experts, all former members of the U.S. Army, Maj. Gen. Paul VallelyCol. Bob Maginnis and Maj. Gen. Bob Scales.

Plus, four men of Middle Eastern descent are under arrest in upstate New York, charged with funneling millions to Iraq through a charity front. Meantime, a Saudi studying computer security at the University of Idaho is also under arrest. The feds say he's behind Web sites encouraging violence against Americans. We'll talk with  former CIA Director James Woolsey about these developments. 

Also, we'll talk to journalists from Germany, Canada and Turkey about the Iraq situation and how people in their countries see the situation.

Then, are France and Germany truly opposed to a war with Iraq or is their opposition just a cover for a deep and abiding dislike of President Bush? We'll hear from both sides with The Nation's David Corn and The National Review's Rich Lowry go on the record. Get ready for a lively debate!

Finally, things are changing fast in Turkey. Will U.S. troops be on the ground there shortly? We'll have the very latest from our own FOX News Correspondent Geraldo Rivera.

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