Belgians Good at Peace

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Most of you Americans out there in our vast FOX audience didn't notice when I offended a whole nation last week, but let me tell you... that nation noticed and I have been inundated with email. Let me remind my fellow Americans what I did and what my offense was.

The Wall Street Journal published a piece explaining why — or explaining part of why — Belgium had decided to side with France and Germany against the U.S. on a U.N. war resolution.

The Journal explained that the Belgian army had become one of those Clinton militaries: all job opportunity, and darn little — if any — actual fighting.

The newspaper also reported that Belgian soldiers themselves were complaining about outdated maneuvers.

I said, "There you have it. The Belgian army is too old and fat to fight."

This got posted on the FOX Web site and then emailed around to every member of the Belgian military and their extended families.

Well... they may not want to fight Saddam Hussein, but they want to fight me right away!

So here is what I've discerned. The Belgian army is good at peace. They are a civilized army. They have a navy that is good at mine clearing (they did a bunch of that for us in recent conflicts), and they're good at emergency rescue work, like in Rwanda (which would not have ended in disaster if Belgian politicians had spent enough money on things like ammunition). A bunch of Belgian soldiers were killed there when they ran out of ammo.

As a group, they are older and let's say more mature than the American military and its highly trained twenty-somethings.

Since my consciousness has been raised about the Belgian military, let me just say that I hope you guys are getting ready. We're going to need some peacekeeping right after this war, and it sounds like the Belgian army is the perfect outfit to call as soon as the war is over.

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