Joe Millionaire Reunion Lacks Sparks

Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath promised the passionate reunion of a couple that viewers last saw in a fairy tale embrace -- but Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich appeared more uncomfortable than thrilled to see each other during the final episode Monday.

The couple had been forced to stay away from one another since filming the Fox reality series' surprise finale last November, when Marriott picked Andrich over Sarah Kozer -- and it doesn't look like they'll being seeing much of each other in the future either.

Andrich, who appeared on Fox News Tuesday, broke it to fans that she and Marriott aren't in a relationship -- and don't plan to start one now

"Evan and I are not a couple," she said. "We parted on very friendly terms."

She cited the fact that Marriott lives in California, while she resides on the East Coast as one reason a serious relationship is unlikely.

During Joe Millionaire Monday, Marriott told Andrich, "It's weird to see you," when they sat down on the couch together to be interviewed.

And when asked why she liked the faux millionaire, Andrich said, "Evan's his own person -- he moves to the beat of his own drum."

During the program, neither offered a concrete comment about their future.

"We've become closer to each other through the experience," was all Marriott would say.

The New York Post contributed to this report.