Topics and Guests for Monday, Feb. 24

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Feb. 24:

According to popular opinion, the U.S. should get the U.N.'s approval before going to war with Iraq. The White House says that approval would be nice, but that it's not necessary. Does the U.N. have much practical relevance in matters like this, or does it end up just being a symbolic rubber stamp? 
Philip Gourevitch, writer for the New Yorker

At a meeting of the National Governor's Association in Washington, Democrats and Republicans alike express their concerns over Medicaid reform, homeland security and the economy
• Gov. Jim McGreevey, D-N.J.

The Bush administration is under fire for allowing an alleged terror leader to visit the White House, despite a warning from the secret service. The man in question, Sami Al-Arian, the former Florida professor indicted last week as a director of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Frank Gaffney, assistant secretary of defense under former President Reagan and current president of the Center for Security Policy

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