Iraq Issue Bubbles to Surface at the Grammys

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The Grammys are always good when there's a controversy afoot that has Hollywood and the entertainment industry hyperventilating.

I watched last night just to see what, if anything, our musical recording artists might say about the war.

CBS did a good job of keeping it off the air. Avril Lavigne evidently had a shirt on that said "no war," so the network did a wide shot from behind, then went to a tight shot of her face. End result? No shirt on TV.

Despite CBS' caution, the issue bubbled to the surface in the person of Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Here's what he said.

"I think we are all in agreeance that the word is agreement, but okay. Let's just mark it up to nerves. I know all about mush mouth under pressure, and those of you who watch know that all too well."

But the point, Mr. Durst, is that yes, we'd all like this war to go away, but call Sean Penn, get Saddam Hussein's number and put a call through to Baghdad.

Put another way, what is the alternative exactly? Diplomacy? How well has that worked? You want to give him another 12 years to make his precious nukes?

Enough. Durst, sing. Otherwise, pipe down.

And one more thing. Who thought it was a great idea, two days after the Rhode Island incineration, to have Nelly prance through a pyro and fire act?

I was watching at home, but if I'd been in Madison Square Garden, I would have been beating feet for the door. Sure, the Garden had New York's fire marshals insuring all was well, but maybe this was the wrong time to do pyro tricks during a musical performance. I don't know. I just got a bad taste over the whole idea.

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