Guests and Topics: February 21

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A day after the indictment of University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian on terrorism charges John Podhoretz from The New York Post says, "it's hang-your-head-in- shame day for a whole crew of naifs who simply could not face the possibility that Palestinian terrorists were being organized, funded and controlled from a tenured perch at a Florida university."

Podhoretz singles out the "editors and writers at The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, Time, Newsweek and" He's says these folks in the elite media "preferred to believe, against all reason and all evidence, that the U.S. government was simply obsessed with tormenting a perfectly nice if overly hysterical Palestinian professor and his family."  We'll talk with Podhoretz this evening. And, a piece in the Los Angeles Times attacks O'Reilly, again. We'll have the details.

Then, one of the worst fatal fires in history destroys a nightclub in Rhode Island club. More than eighty people are dead and nearly 200 are injured. We'll take you to the scene.

Plus, the war on drugs is far from over. In fact, is this war simply turning into one big expensive joke? We'll tell you about some very disturbing developments both at home and abroad when we talk with two experts tonight.

Finally, there's also been a lot of talk in the business community about the need for new airlines. But you won't believe one special airline that will take off from Houston later this year! How does flying naked sound to you? You not going to believe it! 

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