Topics and Guests, February 20

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Picking up the first Democratic endorsement for his $674 billion economic stimulus package, President Bush appears in Georgia to push for tax cuts and reforms that aides say will create 2 million jobs over the next couple of years.

Exclusive! Bret Baier interviews the man who would run a war against Iraq -- Gen. Tommy Franks. How are we preparing for war? We get the scoop from the inside source.


• A Florida professor accused of having terrorist ties is arrested by federal agents.

• Secretary of State Colin Powell says "there may be some creative things we can do" to gain acceptance of a proposed U.S. aid package meant to pave the way for Turkey to help in a war against Iraq.

• A North Korean fighter jet briefly crosses the western sea border with South Korea, and a South anti-aircraft missile unit goes into battle position.

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