Guests and Topics: February 20

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes...

Will the United States and Turkey be able to reach agreement on a aid package that would allow the U.S. to station troop on Turkish soil to prepare for a military strike against Iraq? Or is the price simply too high? We'll get insight and analysist of this tricky situation when former NATO Supreme Commander and Secretary of State Alexander Haig joins the debate.

Then, Utah's Orrin Hatch  sits down with Sean and Alan to discuss the fight over the Appeals Court judicial nominee Miguel Estrada nomination in Senate. Will a series of new ads by Estrada's supporters finally break the Democrat's filibuster of the nomination?

Plus, thanks to a series of new advocacy commercials, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are becoming very controversial in some quarters. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one of the supporters of an ad campaign linking ownership of an SUV to possible support for terrorists. He is also the president of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Do the ads go too far? We'll have a lively debate this evening.

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