Saddam's Exile: Will He Stay, or Will He Go?

The official Kuwaiti News Agency is reporting from Tehran, Iran, that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has asked the Iranian government for permission to use Iran as a route for his possible political asylum in Russia, Syria, or other Arab country. The story was reported in the highly reliable Arab language newspaper Al-Qabas.

FOX News' Kuwait bureau has spoken to the reporter for the Kuwaiti News Agency who wrote the story who said the story came from an Iranian Web site. When Iranian government officials were asked about the report they refused to confirm or deny it.

Saddam's exile: Will he stay, or will he go?

A sample of your responses:

French support Saddam.  France would be great place for barbarian - he will be with friends! Saddam should be tried before world/executed for war crimes.  Years in waiting would be part of final judgment.
Marie A.
Vero Beach, FL

Maybe Hollywood will take Saddam. They seem to like him.
Knoxville, TN

Exiled or not, whatever is going to happen will change the way the entire world thinks about the UN, the U.S., and for certain Sadam. Afterwards do you think we will hear "I told you so!" in French?
Derrick M.
Detroit, MI

Since the Muslim world wants Iraq to be more fundamental Muslim, if Sadam were to leave, possibly Iraq's neighbors would invade and set up there own Muslim government. This would leave us on the outside looking in.
Kutztown, PA

Saddam will stay and send several of his look "alikes" in many directions to confuse us.
Barbara W.
Palm Bay, FL

There’s no way he’s leaving Baghdad, Saddam will do as Hitler did in the final days of WWII when he tried to take his “failed” people with him by drowning them in the subways of Berlin.  Saddam will try something of the same nature, if he can’t stay no one will.

Saddam Hussein is in love with himself, you can see that reflected in every corner of Iraq, with all of his photos, statues, etc.  I think he will save his own skin and go.  That is the only thing he is concerned with, he doesn't care about the plight of his own people, that is obvious.
Kathy L.
El Paso, TX

Sadaam goes into exile in France, with access back and forth to Germany.  They could enjoy their joint cover ups and avoid war, while Iraq could be restructured as a democracy and get rid of all the WMD's that are marked "Made In France/Germany."
Herb G.
Perkinsville, VT

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