Topics and Guests for February 18

A man on a South Korean subway ignited a carton filled with flammable material Tuesday, causing a fire that killed about 120 people and injured 135, officials said.

Could such an attack happen here? We'll ask Paul Christian, fire commissioner of Boston, and Howard Safir, former New York police commissioner.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is sticking out his neck over here and risking his political neck over there. Will his support for President Bush mean the end of Blair's career? We'll be joined by Professor Rodney Barker with the London School of Economics.

If the French have problems getting tough with Iraq, they might want to with our exclusive guest, the President of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

We'll get a frank assessment of the impact of the blizzard of 2003 from John Destefano, mayor of New Haven and president of the National League of Cities.

Did this weekend's monster blizzard bury Northeast retailers? Retailer extraordinaire, Howard Davidowitz, president of Davidowitz and Associates, and Jeff Birnbuam, Washington bureau chief of Fortune magazine, join the debate.

Stocks continue a curious run up on Tuesday. Is this a real rally in the making? We'll ask legendary investor Byron Wien.

Plus, Mike Tyson's on-again off-again fight with Clifford Etienne appears to be back on. Why the back and forth? We'll ask boxing historian Bert Sugar and former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes.

Those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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