French Whine: Working, or Worthless?

French President Jacques Chirac said Monday his country would oppose any effort to draft a new U.N. resolution to explicitly authorize war against Iraq at this time.

"There is no need for a second resolution today, which France would have no choice but to oppose," Chirac said as he arrived for a European Union summit.

Chirac's statement strongly reaffirmed Franco-German efforts to prevent a war, resisting pressure from the United States and its strongest European ally, Britain, who say time is running out.

France and Germany, backed by Russia, proposed expanding U.N. weapons inspections in a joint statement last week.

French whine: Working, or worthless?

A sample of your responses:

Until recently I have always been proud of my French Heritage. Today I am disgusted. We need to face the facts that the French have never defended or fought to save their own country. why would they help the United States? As long as the United States helps the French maintain & keep their country they are happy drunks. Ask for support in return, they can't seem to put the wine glasses down. Buy American!
Janice A.
Livingston, LA

My Responce to the French is to remove all the American servicemen/women who are buried in France. Its time they came home anyways. Every efforts should be made to bury those killed in the line of duty in American soil. This is the perfect time to do this. Not only would it serve as a clear message to the French but to the rest of the world . I am a retired US Army enlisted man who served in Vietnam in 1968-1969. If I had been killed there I would not have wanted to be buried there.
Peter O.
SFC, US Army Retired
Washington, IN

Worthless. Regular wine prices are dropping around the world, especially noticable is the infamous French Whine. The vineyard of France is drying up fast!

Europeans are much more sheltered than we think...their news sources are very shallow. French whine may be working there but is working here to make Americans angry. As individual Americans we should not buy French products. The message will get to France pretty quickly. Also...let's move those bases to Poland...asap!
Cyndy S.
Lititz, PA

I think what is being ignored about France, is the growing population of Arabs from countries such as Algeria.  With first generation Arabs having to deal with prejudice from the French, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it would be alot easier for France to protest the war, than have to deal with their own evil, which has created a growing problem of terror within.
Bill M.
Kokomo, IN

The French resented us for liberating them in WWII and hated us for not helping them in Vietnam. They are not our ally.  The French Empire peaked with Napoleon. They are irrevelant today.
Charles C.
Whitesboro, TX

My family and I are eager to participate in a boycott of all imports from France. I feel that at the base of French intransigence is a feeling that they were once a great political power and that their culture dominated the world. That the U.S. twice pulled France's irons out of the fire in the 20th Century only adds to their rage.
Richard M.

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