Topics and Guests for February 17

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As the world waits for Saddam Hussein to disarm what's next at the United Nations? Will Secretary of State Colin Powell be able to convince members of the Security Council to support the United States in its effort to disarm Hussein? The secretary has a tough road ahead of him this week. Will there be yet another resolution urging the Iraqi leader to disarm? For insight and analysis we'll turn to former UN Ambassador and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Plus, as we prepare for a possible war against Iraq, many Americans are still wondering where is terrormastermind Usama bin Laden and why can't we find him? We'll have a special report from FOX News contributor and Washington Times investigative reporter Bill Gertz and terrorism expert Yossef Bodansky.

Also, there were large anti-war demonstrations against military action in Iraq all around the world this weekend. We'll convene our roundtable of international journalists including Canada's Hilary McKenzie reporting from Baghdad and ARD German television's Tom Buhrow from Washington, D.C.

Finally, an update on that terrible situation in Chicago, where more than 20 people are dead following a stampede at a nightclub there.

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