Protestors Target the Wrong Man

This was the weekend for peace marches here in this country and around the world.

Hundred and thousands — perhaps even a million in one city — marched in several European capitals, and upward of 250,000 took to the streets in San Franscisco.

The curious thing about all the anti-war marching and protesting was who it was aimed at — George W. Bush.

The logic here seems to be that if President Bush will not be determined to disarm Saddam Hussein, there would be no war.

True enough as far as it goes, but do any of the thousands of protestors march against Saddam Hussein? No.

Do they protest that he defies the U.N., the international organization, they think is so important that President Bush dare not defy it? No.

Do they protest Hussein's obsession to acquire weapons he could use to make the world cower? No.

Do they protest governments in Europe which want to appease him in the same way Chamberlain appeased Hitler? No.

Do they protest Usama bin Laden who wants to use the war against Iraq as they trigger for more terror? No.

In fact, in San Francisco, the protestors actually fought with cops — rioting for peace.

Fighting for peace... isn't that precisely what Bush says he is doing? So how come it's okay for Left-wing protestors and not a conservative president?

Look, nobody wants war. But this war will not be Bush's fault, the Pentagon's or American Defense Contractors'.

The U.N. told Hussein to disarm. If he continues to refuse, there will be a war and he will be to blame, not Bush.

So for once, how about a protest march against Hussein?

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