Topics and Guests for February 12

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Topics and Guests for February 12:

Although Al Qaeda has been weakened in the past year and a half, the terror network still poses the greatest terror threat to America and will do anything it can to "inflict significant casualties" on the United States, U.S. intelligence chiefs told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Tuesday.
Sen. Pat Roberts, R-KS
Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WV


What is bin Laden's partnership with Iraq?
Adm. Stansfield Turner, former director of CIA

A Kerry blue terrier finally gave America a Triple Crown winner. Mick, a familiar face at dog shows across the country, won the only title missing on his resume Tuesday night -- best in show at Westminster.
Mick, Westminster's champion
Bill McFadden, mick's handler
David Frei, USA networks analyst

The CIA warned Congress Tuesday that Al Qaeda may try to attack both the United States and the Arabian peninsula as early as this week.
David Cid, former FBI specialist on terrorism and counter-intelligence

Get the details on the world's largest nude wedding! In honor of Valentine's Day, hundreds of couples will get betrothed in the buff!
Buck Jackson and Kris Jenkins, couple getting married
Zein Nakash, VP of marketing for Superclubs

American Idol
Ben Pappas, senior editor at US Weekly
Lisa G., radio host of Power 105.1 fm

The latest on Iraq…
Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Mississippi
Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana

With the United States warning the credibility of the alliance was at risk, NATO sought a compromise Wednesday that would persuade France, Germany and Belgium to drop their veto of plans to boost Turkey's defenses against an Iraqi missile attack.
O. Faruk Logoglu, Turkish ambassador to the United States

The CIA warned Congress Tuesday that Al Qaeda may try to attack both the United States and the Arabian peninsula as early as this week.
Michael Swetnam, former CIA officer

Target Iraq: Saddam repositioning military troops in civilian areas to use civilians as human shields in event of war.
Marty Strong,   retired Navy Seal

Where is bin Laden and why can’t we capture him?
Retired Captain David Christian, U.S. Army


Fashion Week 2003! Lane Bryant's annual intimate apparel show explodes as fashion meets theater on the runway!
Mia Tyler, Steven Tyler's daughter and plus size model
Catherine Lippincott, Lane Bryant spokesperson

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change