Guests and Topics: February 12

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The CIA warned Congress Tuesday that Al Qaeda may try to attack both the United States and the Arabian peninsula as early as this week.

Meanwhile, intelligence officials went to work analyzing a message broadcast on Al-Jazeera satellite TV that is believed to have been recorded by Usama bin Laden.

CIA Director George Tenet told the Senate Intelligence Committee in a briefing that information pointing at those targets led to last week's raising of the national terror alert level to "orange," the second highest level of five. The information came from "multiple sources with strong Al Qaeda ties," Tenet said, without providing details.

With troops overseas and law enforcement defending our homeland, are we spreading ourselves too thin? Henry Kissinger reacts on Hannity & Colmes.

Almost 80 cities in the U.S. have now passed antiwar resolutions. They don't change the law in any way, but are meant as a symbol against going to war with Iraq. The coalition behind the resolutions is called Cities for Peace. They just arrived in Washington and hope to show their agenda to the president tomorrow. 
Joe Moore, Chicago alderman who wrote his city's resolution.

Why won't Democrats allow the democratic process to proceed for the president's judicial nominees?
Ann Lewis, DNC women's voting center
Sharon Castillo, RNC deputy communications director

Are the policies of the past coming back to haunt Democrats? A civil rights group has launched a campaign to rename the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill because its namesake, the late Senator Richard Russell, was a champion of segregation and viewed by many as an unabashed racist. Sitting West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd has also come under fire after referring to Russell as his mentor.
Mark Planning, change the name
Ellis Henican, Newsday

With much of today's focus on the war on terror, the Bush administration is still fighting another long-standing war, the war on drugs.
John Walters, White House drug czar

Newly released footage of Michael Jackson and British journalist Martin Bashir, which was shot by a Jackson production crew but never made it into the Bashir interview. In an attempt to stage a rebuttal against the damaging interview "Living with Michael Jackson,:" this new footage will air next week on the Fox network. Can this new information save the king of pop's sinking reputation? Weighing in on this is defense attorney Lynn Gold-Bikin and former prosecutor and Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl.

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