Topics and Guests for February 10

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Topics and Guests for February 10:

With more Iraqi documents and new ideas for tracking old weapons, the chief U.N. inspectors said they sense a "good beginning" and a "positive attitude" in Baghdad toward their efforts of ensuring Iraq is free of banned arms.
Col. Terence Taylor, former U.N. weapons inspector

Target Iraq: Changing minds… Has the Bush administration succeeded in bringing world opinion on its side as the United States prepares to confront Saddam? We'll speak to a world renowned journalist who has been convinced of Bush's case against Iraq.
Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair

FHM: A Baywatch blowout: TV’s sexiest lifeguards come together for the world's most breathtaking, once in a lifetime event!
Scott Gramling, editor-in-chief FHM

The case against Iraq: How risky is it to reveal evidence like sat photos, and audio intercepts? Now that Saddam knows what we can do, will he change his tactics?
Retired Capt. David Christian, Army

The U.N. Security Council decides to stand firm and seek a peaceful resolution to the situation in Iraq…
Amb. David Aaron, deputy national security adviser to President Carter

The Material Girl in the political world: Madonna is planning a video to protest war…
Roger Friedman,   daily gossip columnist for "411" for

Iran said Sunday it discovered uranium reserves and was setting up production facilities for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. President Mohammad Khatami said Iran was "determined to make use of advanced nuclear technology for peaceful purposes" after announcing that researchers discovered uranium reserves in central Iran near Yazd and established production facilities in nearby Isfahan and Kashan.
Jon Wolfsthal, nuclear analyst at Carnegie Endowment

With new terror alert out, are U.S. nuclear plants and water sources any safer from attacks?
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
, president of the Waterkeeper Alliance & chief prosecuting attorney

High terror threat?: Hajj… More on the two week pilgrimage to Mecca…
Jamaluddin Hoffman, exec director for the Islamic Supreme Council

Target Iraq: A former Democratic congressman explains why all Democrats should be on board with President Bush as the U.S. attempts to remove Saddam from power.
Stephen Solarz, D-NY

The alert system was raised to "high" for several reasons… More on intelligence reports warning about the possibility of attacks by Al-Qaeda against Jewish groups & businesses.
Michael Battles, former CIA operations officer

A heightened terror alert: Exploring Intelligence methods to retrieve information, critical to our security.
Admiral Stansfield Turner, retired U.S. Navy former CIA director

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change