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Is the NATO Alliance in a crisis?

The rift between the United States and Great Britain and some of their NATO allies widened Monday after France, Germany and Belgium blocked efforts to help defend Turkey if it is attacked by Iraq.

Turkey immediately requested emergency consultations under NATO's mutual defense treaty -- or Article 4 -- the first time a nation has done so in the alliance's 53-year history.

But those consultations ended without resolution. They were to continue Tuesday at the North Atlantic Council, NATO's political body.

The three-country veto has deepened divisions in the alliance over the Iraq crisis, with American ambassador Nicholas Burns accusing France, Germany and Belgium of plunging NATO into crisis.

We'll have the latest this evening.

Plus, are there other options for dealing with Iraq that would prevent a war with Saddam Hussein? We'll ask former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ambassador Richard Murphy and former U.S. Army Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis.

Also, just how should we handle the threat posed by nations with nukes? FOX News Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz goes on the record.

And later, she was expected to give birth to a baby today. Where is Laci Peterson? We'll have the latest from Modesto.

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