Guests and Topics: February 10

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

Are you ready for war? Is our country mentally and physically prepared for the sacrifices that may be required in a war? We'll debate that question with Political Science Professor Father John Putka from the University of Dayton in Ohio and Public Policy Professor Mike Paul from the New School University in New York City.

Then, former President Bill Clinton defends his handling of North Korean during his tenure in office. We'll show you what he had to say. But despite Clinton's protests are we getting the full story? We'll ask Peter  Brookes, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs in the Office of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, to give us some No Spin answers.

Plus, speaking of the former president... Former Clinton advisor and FOX News Channel Political Analyst Dick Morris explains why he believes France is not our friend and he tells us what ought to be done with France and Germany.

Also, more shocking revelations today about the King of Pop as a 12-year-old boy's accusations about the singer are made public.... Will authorities do anything about Michael Jackson? We'll sort through the latest shocker with attorney Gloria Allred and Sid Johnson from the group Prevent Child Abuse America. 

And later, as The Factor moves along... A big mogul in the world of rap is calling for a boycott of Pepsi following the Ludacris controversy. But not everyone, even in the rap world, is on board. We'll talk to a popular New York City DJ about what's going on.

Finally, the popular musican, Yanni, says he is shunned by Hollywood because he's considered too smart for all those folks in Tinseltown... Really? That's just one of the revelations in the singer's new book Yanni In Words. You're going to be surprised by what the singer has to say to O'Reilly tonight!

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