Bruce Willis, Courtney Love, Madonna and Cris Judd

Bruce Willis, Courtney Love, Madonna and J-Lo's ex in the warm after-glare of The Foxlight.

Bruce Willis thinks he has the perfect pick-up line: 'What are you doing for sex tonight?"' Maybe it's not the perfect line because Willis tells Men's Journal in the March issue that he's "not really doing very well in the relationship department." But, he says he'll know when he's found Ms. Right, by her "hands, ankles, lips, eyes and graciousness." How graciously does he think she'll handle that come on?

Courtney Love probably won't fly Virgin Atlantic again. She says her "potty mouth" is to blame for her brief stay with British police. Love threw a less-than-loving fit when the airline refused to upgrade her friend to first class. Love says the 9 hours with Brit cops were wonderful, and compared it to being on a TV show. When you're Courtney Love everything must be like a bad reality TV show.

Speaking of the Brits, Madonna is mad that the press there has decided she's pregnant because she's wearing baggy clothes and stopped coloring her hair. But here's the funniest part of the story -- there's a British Press Complaints Commission. They're looking into the story.

Finally, what do you do after J-Lo dumps you? Go on a reality show. Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Cris Judd, has joined the cast of I'm a Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here!

Coincidentally that's what I'm sure Lopez said to her lawyer about their short marriage.