Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Feb. 4

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Feb. 4:

As investigators focus on finding the causes behind the Columbia shuttle disaster, a lot of folks are wondering if anything more could have been done to prevent the catastrophe
• Retired Army Lt. Col. Michael "Rich" Clifford, former shuttle astronaut

NASA has to put together an enormous puzzle. So far, more than 12, 000 pieces of the shuttle have been found scattered over several states. How do you even begin to investigate something like that?
Jim Burnett, former NTSB chairman

The U.S. attorney in Texas says that if you pick up a piece of Columbia debris, never mind whatever chemical hazards may be on it, you'll have a legal hazard. Is there an argument to be made for finders keepers?
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior legal analyst 

How are NASA astronauts reacting to the Columbia disaster?
• Dr. Andrew Thomas, member of the Discovery shuttle crew

Is NASA's culture of risk to blame for the tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia? 
Diane Vaughan, professor of sociology at Boston College and author of The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture and Deviance at NASA

Secretary of State Colin Powell gets ready to show the world proof of Saddam Hussein's defiance
Marc Ginsberg, former U.S. ambassador to Morocco

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