Guests and Topics: January 31

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Police plan to begin reviewing surveillance tapes from a Longview grocery store where a clerk came forward late last week to say she believes she saw a missing, pregnant California woman sometime in December.

According to a report in The Daily News of Longview on Thursday, the clerk told police that a pregnant woman came into the Market Place and said: "This is serious. I was kidnapped. Call the authorities when I leave."

The 45-year-old clerk said she intended to call police but became distracted and forgot, according to a police report. Late last week, the clerk was watching TV and saw a story about Laci Peterson, 27, who vanished from Modesto, Calif., on Christmas Eve. Mark Furhman with the latest on the case.

A bishop of the United Methodist Church -- that's President Bush's denomination -- is starring in a new television ad that declares that war violates god's law and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Bob Edgar, National Council of Churches
Rich Lowry, National Review

Boston City Councilman Felix Arroyo is fasting every other Friday and consuming only liquids between sunrise and sunset as an expression of his opposition to military action against Iraq.
Felix Arroyo, Boston City Councilman

Veteran television journalist and moderator of Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer offers insights and a riveting behind-the-scene look at the news events--and the television news business itself--over the 40-plus years of his career. The details on his book This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You on TV…

And Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela on Wednesday blasted the Bush administration and its allies over their hard-line policies against Iraq. The former South African president strongly condemned President Bush for preparing to go to war with Iraq and accused Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair for undermining the work of the United Nations and what it stands for.  Is Mandela implying that the United States and Great Britain are racists? Charles Barron, New York City Councilman

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