Topics and Guests, January 28

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Jim Angle reports: Get ready for hard hitting insight, expert analysis and a comprehensive preview of President Bush's State of the Union address. The president get ready to outline his case against Saddam Hussein, balancing tough talk on Iraq with a domestic policy agenda that includes a new plan to direct drug treatment money to religious groups.

Guest preview: University of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato gives us an inside look into tonight's address. 


Carl Cameron reports: Congress awaits the State of the Union address. House Speaker Dennis Hastert sits down with us and gives us his take on what issues the president plans to address.

• The United States moves closer to a possible war with Iraq as the Bush administration suggests a decision could come as early as next week.

• U.S. and coalition forces are battling 80 rebels aligned to renegade leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the largest-scale fighting since Operation Anaconda nine months ago.

• Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's hawkish Likud Party appears headed for a convincing victory in elections, but the urgent challenges of forming a stable government amid the turmoil of the Palestinian uprising will give him little time to savor victory.

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