Topics and Guests for January 27

Jittery, jumpy and just plain nervous. Wall Street is on edge waiting for war.

Will the Hans Blix's report to the United Nations cause chaos, or calm investors? We'll get a read from market gurus Peter Cardillo, chief strategist at Global Securities; Larry Wachtel, market analyst at Prudential Financial and Hilary Kramer, senior strategist and adviser at Montgomery Asset Management.

Is the U.S. military ready for a rematch with Saddam Hussein? FOX News military analyst Col. David Hunt offers insight.

Plus, has President Bush established a clear connection between Iraq and terrorism? Mansoor Ijaz, founder and chairman of the Crescent Partnerships and FOX News contributor, and Rep. Jim Saxton, R-N.J., weigh in.

And, up in smoke? Could a new cigarette help smokers wean themselves off of nicotine? We'll be joined by Bennet Lebow, CEO of the Vector Group.

Forget the eyes of the nation. This time, the eyes of the world will be on President Bush Tuesday night. What does he have to say and how does he have to say it? We'll ask Vickie Jenkins, president of Performance Power Media Coaching.

We'll have those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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