Guests and Topics: January 28

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President Bush will outline his case against Saddam Hussein in Tuesday night's State of the Union address, balancing tough talk on Iraq with a domestic policy agenda that includes a new plan to direct drug treatment money to religious groups.

Pushing a new plank in his "faith-based initiative," Bush planned to ask Congress for $200 million next fiscal year for vouchers to people seeking drug treatment. The vouchers would allow them to seek help at any treatment center, including those with religious approaches, two senior White House officials said.

The plan is sure to be controversial because many religious drug treatment programs do not employ medical approaches and do not use staff that have been licensed for this work.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Bush also planned to propose a significant increase in spending on research into development of hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

Join these guests for post-speech reaction:

Bill Bennett, Empower America

Peggy Noonan, former speech writer for President Ronald Reagan

Michael Waldman, former speech writer for President Bill Clinton

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