Guests and Topics: January 24

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Has Iraq been secretly importing chemicals essential to creating deadly chemical weapons from India? A shocking report recently in The Los Angeles Times has revealed some very frightening information. FOX News Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz joins us in the No Spin Zone to tell us what this means as we head towards a possible military strike against Iraq.

Then, still more fallout from our interview with New Jersey's controversial Poet Laureate Amiri Baraka... Now the New Jersey Senate is getting involved. We'll have the latest.

Plus, and update on the Clara Harris trial. Harris is charged with killing her husband by running over him with her Mercedes after she caught him cheating on her. Did she turn her car into "a 4,000-pound murder weapon," as prosecutors charge or is there more to the story? We'll have some answers for you.

Also, a big pre-Super Bowl immigration sweep in San Diego has some crying foul. We'll tell you why.

Then, a Factor Follow-Up... After two St. Louis parents complained about a father who chaperoned a school trip dressed as a woman, Board of Education for the Francis Howell School District has voted to maintain its existing dress code policies. That means a father can still dress like a mother as long as they do not disrupt the education process... Did the Board of Ed do the right thing or the wrong thing? We'll hear from both sides when Gwen Smith, a Board Member of the Gender Education and Advocacy Group and Lisa Naeger, a director on the Francis Howell School Board, who voted in favor of a new dress code, join us.

Finally, football legend Joe Namath will be here... Just what kind of a toll did football take on his body? And would he do it all over again? We'll find out! 

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