Volunteer Human Shields: Courageous, or Crazy?

Iraq is bringing in volunteer "human shields" from outside countries - possibly including Americans - to try to thwart U.S. airstrikes, Iraqi officials said yesterday.

The Arab, European and possibly American volunteers will be positioned at various Iraqi installations, said Saad Qasim Hammoudi, the head of Iraq's Arab Popular Forces Conference.

Volunteer human shields: courageous or crazy?

A sample of your responses:

I think the human shield idea is a great vacation for those idiots that volunteer. The Iraqis will decide that some of the human shields are spies and they will be treated as such.
Jim I.
Lodi, CA

In regard to the question of whether the people that were signing on to travel to Iraq in protest of war, I believe they are extremely courageous in their selfless decision to put themselves in harms way to express their anti-war feelings. In the present environment here in America it seems that many have forgotten what "FREEDOM" is. As a veteran I believe in freedom and what the guest and all who participate with him are doing is an expression born of freedom.
Joseph K.

I can't believe you gave air time and free publicity to that nut case. I've even forgotten his name, but who cares. Maybe some Marine will get him in his sights when we invade Iraq. The only bright spot in the interview was when it was disclosed that he gave up his United States citizenship. I noticed that he left the U.S. to express his views, even though he has freedom of speech in the Country he's left behind. Good riddance, and please don't have him on again, except to report that he got his in Iraq.
Don G.

These individuals who volunteer themselves as human shields to prevent the united states from bombing the Iraq people are Ideally Noble, but misguided. A plane that is a couple thousand feet up in the air, can not distinguish a human shield from a potential target. The most that these people will accomplish, is to get themselves killed. If these guys want to do some good, they should volunteer their time after the war to help the Iraq people to rebuild.
Ralph K.

I wonder if these misguided individuals would have risked being a human shield for an equally evil government we fought against some 60 years ago.  It was learned all too late that 6 million people lost their lives to that government, sometimes to do the right thing is to take action-however unpopular it may seem.   How much genocide is enough?
Patricia G.

Will you be having a fund raiser to raise money for his ticket over there?
Tami M.

I'm glad this O'Keefe guy renounced his U.S. citizenship. I have relatives in the U.S. military, and these peaceniks, human shields, etc. who are going to go to Iraq to try to thwart the U.S. military should be captured and detained as enemy combatants. I really don't think that the actions of these ignorant, misguided individuals who are opposing the U.S. military are going to do anything other than cause some commotion. However, just like John Walker Lindh, I believe that they are guilty of treason.
Wesley M.

The man is a disgrace.  I am happy to see him renounce his citizenship; good riddance to a harmless raving madman.  We will always know where he is and what he is up to.  Is Barbara Streisand and Hanoi Jane going with him?

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