Highlights of the Spending Bill

Highlights of the $390 billion spending package:

—Covers every government agency except the Pentagon for the federal budget year that began on Oct. 1. Congress and President Bush completed the military budget last fall.

—$54 billion for the Education Department, almost $2 billion more than last year. Includes $8.5 billion grants to states for special education, $1 billion over 2002, and $11 billion for low-income school districts, $1 billion more than 2002.

—$31.8 billion for highways, about $8 billion more than Bush wants.

—$27 billion for the National Institutes of Health, almost $4 billion over 2002 and completing a five-year effort to double its budget.

—About $24 billion for various domestic security programs, including money for bioterrorism preparedness, airport explosive detectors and more FBI agents. Democrats tried and failed to add $5 billion.

—$3.1 billion extra aid for farmers, including for many hurt by the recent drought.

—$2.3 billion for the National Park Service, $100 million less than last year.

—$1.6 billion for construction of water projects, $200 million more than Bush proposed.

—$280 million for the Peace Corps, about $30 million below Bush's request.