Guests and Topics: January 21

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Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart says he has tried very hard to contribute to the country since scandal drove him from the 1988 presidential race when he was the Democratic front-runner. Gary Hart will join the debate tonight…

Plus as the U.S. moves closer to a possible military confrontation with Iraq, thousands of anti-war protesters gathered in the nation's capital Saturday to voice their opposition to using America's armed forces to topple Saddam Hussein. 
Kevin Martin, Peace Action
David Horowitz, Center for Study of Popular Culture

The Mexican government's been giving I.D. cards to Mexicans here in the United States, including those who are here illegally. What's more shocking, many states are accepting this as valid, which then allows illegal immigrants access to social services, driver's licenses, and opening bank accounts. Does accepting these I.D. cards put our national security at risk?
Mark Krikorian
, Center for Immigration Studies
Clarissa Martinez, La Raza

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