Topics and Guests for January 17

Saddam Hussein urged the Iraqi people Friday to defend the country against the United States, and vowed that an attack on Baghdad would be "suicide" for anyone who tried.

Just how hot will the situation get in the Persian Gulf? We'll get a read from Tony Snow, host of FOX News Sunday and conservative author, Laura Ingraham.

Could chaos in Venezuela pinch you at the pump? We'll be joined live by Geraldo Rivera in Caracas, plus we'll look at David Asman's interview with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Microsoft says they're cash rich and are ready to offer dividends. But how strong is their outlook? We'll hash it out with our market gurus.

And, Sun Microsystems' Scott McNealy weighs in on his troubles and Microsoft's latest moves.

Plus, how much would you pay for a hamburger? We'll talk to chef behind the $41 burger at New York's famed Old Homestead restaurant.

We'll have those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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