Guests and Topics: January 17

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

What's the American media think about a possible military strike against Iraq? Who's supportive, who's skeptical, who's scared? Which networks... and newspapers... are for the war and which are against? We'll take a No Spin look at the coverage when we talk with former ABC News Correspondent Bob Zelnick,  who now runs the journalism department at Boston University, and former New York Times reporter and author Alex Jones, who's head of the media department at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.  

Then, there are some new developments in search for the missing 27-year-old mom-to-be in Modesto, California. Now, Laci Peterson's husband is under suspicion. We'll have the latest developments. And we'll talk about the case with child advocate Mark Klass from

Plus, you've seen them everywhere... So what do you think those new Miller Lite ads showing two women having an argument and later wrestling in the mud? Is this just good, clean fun from the world of advertising or does it cross the line? We'll hear from both sides!

Also, remember her? Susan McDougal spent nearly two years in prison after refusing to testify in the Clinton/Whitewater investigation. She became famous for her willful battle with Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr. Now, McDougal breaks her silence in a new book The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk... She's with us exclusively this evening.

And later, actor Tom Cruise wins a court case against someone who accused him of being gay. How did he make his case... And when does the defamation of a star cross the line?

Finally, our own O'Reilly is the focus of a special edition of A & E's Biography this Sunday night. Host Harry Smith will be here to give us a preview of the show.

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