Topics and Guests for January 16

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Topics and Guests for January 16:

Iraqi exiles who want to help the American military in its campaign against Saddam Hussein will report for training this week, defense officials said. The first batch of opposition members who've volunteered to serve with U.S. forces have been told by the Pentagon to assemble at marshaling centers in the next several days, three officials said late Tuesday on condition of anonymity.
Barham Salih, prime minister of Kurdistan Regional Government

High rise horror: A man jumps to his death after setting fire to building. We’ll talk to a woman who saw the man jump from balcony to balcony after throwing furniture down 24 stories and starting a fire, all before falling to his death.
Lauren Acker, eyewitness

Seventeen-year-old sniper suspect John Lee Malvo can be tried as an adult, making him eligible to receive the death penalty, a judge ruled Wednesday.
Retired Capt. Chuck Nash, USN and FOX military analyst

Juvenile court judge rules 17-year-old Beltway Sniper suspect should be tried for murder as an adult, making him eligible for the death penalty…
Paul Butler, professor of Criminal Law at George Washington University Law School
Tim Susanin, former federal prosecutor

The first batch of Iraqi exiles who have volunteered to help U.S. forces in a campaign against Saddam Hussein are reporting for training, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
Azzam Alwash, Iraqi exile

An alleged Al-Qaeda operative is providing U.S. Intelligence officials with valuable information about the terrorist group's potential for nukes, biological and chemical weapons…
Peter Brookes, former CIA Intelligence officer


The U.S. is formally asking NATO for support in the event of an Iraqi fight.
Ambassador Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO

President Bush announced Wednesday that his administration will challenge an affirmative action program being tested before the Supreme Court, saying the University of Michigan's points-rewards for minority students amounts to a quota system.
Jamal Simmons, Democratic strategist
Niger Innis, congress of racial equality

Girl power: Women join the boys in combat, but not without a fight…
Retired Capt. Lory Manning, Center for Women in Uniform

The Bachelorette was on ABC last night. How did it do in the ratings and what was the reaction?
Peter Castro, assistant managing editor of People magazine

Yearning for freedom: What would life be like outside of Saddams control?
Zainab Al-Suwaij, American Islamic Congress
April Bernard, TV editor for US Weekly

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change