Topics and Guests for January 16

Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

United Nations inspectors have found 12 chemical warheads in "excellent condition" in Iraq. The Pentagon, and the Security Council are watching this situation very closely. We'll have the very latest defor you.

Plus, on the homeland security front... Think the federal government is screening every package that gets on a passenger plane as carefully as the airport security folks are screening you? Guess again. Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will join us to tell us why we must do much more to make sure that all the cargo shipped in the belly of an airplane is also secured. How much cargo would that be? Twenty percent of what's sent around the country... And right now, there are no strict regulations on any of those packages when you fly on a passenger plane. 

Then, more and more physicians are resorting to strikes and work-stoppages to protest spiraling malpractice insurance rates. Now, even President Bush is getting involved... We'll speak with a physician about all the developments on both sides of the issue.

And later, strippers in Florida sue over a Tampa law that prevents them from performing lap dances! Oh boy...! We'll tell you about all the controversy, this evening. 

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