Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Jan. 14

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Topics and Guests for Tuesday,
Jan. 14

• As British troops prepare for possible action against Iraq, Prime Minister Tony Blair is finding himself increasingly isolated -- under pressure from all sides, including his own party, to justify war without a new mandate from the United Nations.

Is British support likely to remain steady? We'll ask Adam Boulton, chief political correspondent for our Sky News affiliate in London.

• A West Coast naval force that mirrors a seven-ship deployment of about 7,000 Marines from the East Coast may deploy as early as this week, Navy officials said Monday.

How long can the troops stay in place once they're deployed, before the president has to make a decision about launching an invasion, or calling it off? Retired U.S. Army General Bob Scales offers insight.

• Pete Townshend, the legendary rock guitarist and co-founder of The Who, was arrested Monday on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children, police said.

What lies ahead for the rock legend? FOX News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, weighs in.

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