Jacko, Kate Winslet and The Surreal Life

Jacko, Kate Winslet and The Surreal Life in the Foxlight.

Michael Jackson is said to be house-hunting in Palm Beach and guess who could be his new neighbor? None other than Rush Limbaugh. Get me an invitation to that block party. "Hi Rush, I'm your new neighbor. Can I borrow a cup of nose?"

Kate Winslet says a magazine took too much of her off when it put her on their cover. It's the new British GQ. They say she agreed to the shot that digitally manipulated her hips and thighs. Wasn't this the woman who was saying Hollywood put too much pressure on women to be thin and to just be happy with the way you look?

The best movie not enough people are going to see? Narc starring Ray Liotta and Jason Patric. The film had money problems but finally got made on the cheap.

Finally, Corey Feldman told The Foxlight that he's disappointed the WB is promoting his new series The Surreal Life as a bunch of has-beens and C-list celebs. Corey, you're not living with Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington and George Clooney. That's M.C. Hammer you're fighting over a brownie with.