Topics and Guests for Thursday, Jan. 9

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Topics and Guests for Thursday,
Jan. 9

• U.N. weapons inspectors have found "no smoking guns" in Iraq, Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix said Thursday morning. But Baghdad's arms declaration to the Security Council "failed to answer a great many questions," he added.

What does this mean for possible U.S. action against Iraq? We'll have live reports from the U.N. and from Amman, Jordan.

• As the Pentagon gets ready to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Iraq's dictator has another option. Instead of forcing his nation into a bloody war he could step down and go into exile.

Does Saddam have an exit strategy? We'll ask the last American diplomat to meet with Saddam, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, former deputy chief of the U.S. mission in Baghdad.

• North Korea agreed on Thursday to Cabinet-level talks with South Korea that could include attempts to resolve the nuclear standoff, but suggested pushing back the proposed date a week.

Is the crisis on the Korean peninsula nearing an end? We'll have a complete report.

• Why is the city of Virginia Beach looking for someone to sponsor domestic violence prosecutions? City attorney Harvey Bryant III, joins us from Virginia Beach, to talk about it.

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