Guests and Topics: January 8

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Is the justice system in the state of California spinning out of control? How has the Golden State managed to lose track of more than 33,000 sex offenders, who are required by law to register for a database? And how did an heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune manage to skip $1 million bail and flee his rape trial although he was being held under house arrest?! We'll have a special report.

Plus, after a debate over a gay-straight alliance club at a Kentucky high school, the ACLU took up the case. Guess what happened next? We'll hear from Dr. Bill Capehart, the Superintendent of the Boyd County, Kentucky, Public Schools. 

Then, he made many, many millions as the head of the failed company, Global Crossing... But he's still got his millions and lots of others who worked for the company lost everything, including their retirement savings and their livelihoods. So how come Gary Winnick, the company's former co-chairman was never prosecuted? Why did Attorney General John Ashcroft announce, late last year, that it would not bring charges against Winnick? Could it be because the powerful protect each other? We'll hear from both sides this evening when the attorney for a Global Crossing whistleblower, Brian Lysaght and former federal prosecutor Doug Burns join us.

And, as the broadcast moves along, a Factor Follow-Up for you. Remember the two California parents who were put on trial for using an unusual version of "tough love" to discipline their son? A California jury has said that although the parents forced their son, who had been caught skipping school and shoplifting, to sleep outside on a dog mat and placed feces in his backpack, they were not guilty of child abuse. We'll talk with the jury foreman, Mark Lindeman about the controversial trial.

Also, Washington State's Senator Patty Murray made some very controversial remarks recently about Usama bin Laden. Now one of her constituents is spearheading a campaign to oust Senator Murray. We'll find out why David White, a former City Councilmember from the town of Blaine, Washington, is actively involved in the campaign.

Finally, she's a friend of The Factor ... and we'll welcome Suzanne Sommers back to the No Spin Zone! She wants to talk to us about how we all eat... Wait till you see this segment!

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