Guests and Topics: January 3

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

Is this the most secretive White House...ever in the history of the United States? Is it vitally important to keep government documents secret in the wake of the terror attacks on our country or is too much secrecy a threat to democracy? We'll have a debate.

Then, convicted killer David Westerfield is sentenced to death by a judge in California today. What took so long? And why wasn't the death penalty a foregone conclusion once little Danielle Van Dam's killer was convicted. We'll have the latest on him... and his outrageous lawyers!

And, speaking of outrage... a mother in New York City is allegedly gang-raped by five illegal aliens, who have already been in trouble with the law, but were not turned over to the INS. Why not? Because New York City has some very strange rules...! You won't believe this appalling story!

Plus, did two Air Force pilots drop a bomb that killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan because they were forced by the military to take drugs?! While it sounds strange... the drug part probably is true! We'll talk with FOX News Military Analyst, retired Army Col. David Hunt, about the allegations and the drugs.

Also, we'll have a report on the latest at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Guess who's been fired now?!

Finally, should the government force hotel chains to drop the "dirty movie" option in your in private hotel room? We'll discuss it!

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